After spending wonderful few days in Bucaramanga, it was time to go to another destination. I was thinking to go to San Gil, a city about 2.5 hours south of Bucaramanga. I thought it will be great to spend one night and continue south to Bogota. Then I was told it’s not possible since the road to Bogota was blocked because of the protests. I was told that the bus company is taking an alternative route to Bogota but doesn’t go through San Gil. I decided I’ll just have to pass and head directly to Bogota.
I arrived in Bogota late at night, took a taxi to a hostel in the old city center. I was too tired and went straight to bed. Next day, I head out in the morning trying to discover the city. I noticed right before leaving the hostel that most people were dressed up in winter clothes. So I went back to the room and got dressed in warmer clothes, although I didn’t bring much of winter clothes with me. I head out and it was really cold, with some light rain. The last thing I was expecting to be wearing long sleeves in Colombia.

Bogota is a huge metropolitan city; it has almost the population of New York City. For some reason and because of the weather, I didn’t fall in love with Bogota as much as I liked other cities like Cartagena, Medellin or Bucaramanga. Still I don’t think a visit to Colombia would be completed without visiting Bogota. I think if I visited Bogota before visiting the other cities I would have liked it more.
The old city center called La Candelaria, it’s considered the birth place of Bogota. La Candelaria has a lot of Spanish architecture; many buildings in La Candelaria are government buildings and museums. There are also 6 universities in this quarter, so a lot of traffic and a lot of activity.
There are other parts of the city that are more modern but they’re not any different than other cities with high rise buildings, the malls and all what you would expect to see in a big metropolitan.


3 Responses to #91 Bogota – cold feels like in Canada :)

  1. Marlon says:

    so, it looks like you didn’t pay attention to me when we talked heh? I told you that Colombia has all the climates, you can find hot places like Cartagena, medium ones like Medellin or cold ones like Bogota.
    Bogota is a huge city and the weather doesn’t help much.
    You should go to Monserrate, the Simon Bolivar park, they’re really nice. By the way, beware of the protests that are still going on right now.
    Take care.

    • Browny says:

      No problem man, thanks for your help.

      I did pay attention but I wasn’t thinking it’s cold as much, and today someone told me at the hostel to buy some warmer clothes because in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador is going to be colder.

      Yeah there are a lot of protests and today the whole downtown is full of protests, no bus service to get out. It’s a little inconvenient, but I still love this country, people are passionate about a lot of things including politics. I don’t think in a place like this you ever get bored :)

  2. Leo says:

    wow, so cold near the equator. At least you will be heading into the souther hemisphere as winter is ending down there. Still, take the advise and get some warmer clothing.

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